What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice developed in China in which you move items in your environment to create changes in your life. Your house/apartment/office is divided into several areas, or guas, which represent a specific part of your life. Each gua has its own set of elements, colors, shapes, and ideas that can support or detract from it. By moving the furniture and items in each area to create the most supportive environment you can see changes in your own life.

There are several different types of Feng Shui. Some focus on geographical landforms or compass directions. I use the Black Hat Style, which focuses on your immediate space and intuition.

Literally, the words "Feng Shui" translate to wind and water. Both wind and water flow easily, yet strongly, and that is how you want the energy, or chi, in your space to flow.

Feng Shui is excellent for people who want to take back control of their own life and create changes. The solutions can be simple or extravagant, but most important is the intention with which the actions are done.

After experiencing Reiki from videos many people have asked if they can send donations. In response to these requests we now have a donation link to Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated and we thank you for thinking of us.

DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
Please consult your healthcare professional for your particular medical needs.