Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. It is used to describe the energy vortexes that control energy in our body, aura, meridians, and energy grid. There are seven main chakras and numerous minor chakras. They are situated over major organs/glands and affect how we feel and how healthy we are.

The seven major chakras and their predominant colors are:

Base chakra - red
Sacral chakra - orange
Solar Plexus chakra - yellow
Heart chakra - green
Throat chakra - blue
Third eye chakra - indigo
Crown chakra - purple

The base chakra is where any energy connected with the material world or survival is situated. If you are having challenges with finances, your job, or your physical home, you may end up with lower back pain due to this chakra being blocked. It is physically located at the base of the spine.

The sacral chakra is the energy center that deals with sexuality and creativity. Any childhood traumas are located in this chakra. If you are having problems with your sexual organs/reproductive system, it could be that this chakra is not working to capacity. It is located 3 fingers width below the navel.

The solar plexus is the energy center that focuses on your will. How strong your will to succeed, overcome obstacles and your general personality are located in this chakra. If you are having digestive concerns, there could be disturbance within this chakra. It is located thee fingers width above the navel.

The heart chakra is the center that pertains to your capacity to love. Your ability to give and receive love, and your ability to be kind are all part of this chakra. Tightness in the chest can signal problems with this chakra. This chakra is located in the center of the chest.

The throat chakra is the communication center. How well you express yourself and communicate your needs are traits of this chakra. If you are having throat/ear problems, it could be that you are not speaking up for yourself or have challenges expressing your needs. It is located at the base of your throat.

The third eye chakra is the center of your intuition. It is here that a person records their history and the ability to be balanced. This chakra helps people communicate psychically and perceive things outside the range of one's physical eye. When this chakra is partially or completely blocked, headaches may start occurring. It is located in the forehead, in the center of both eyebrows.

The crown chakra, deals with spirituality. Your perceptions about the universe and your part in it are found within this chakra. Problems with pressure on the top of the head can signify a blocked crown chakra. This chakra is located at the top of the head.

To clean and balance chakras, you can send the color predominately found in this chakra to its center. Start by taking deep breaths (you can start with a four count in and a four count out). After a minute or so, place your hands over the chakra you wish to clean. Imagine that your hands are beaming the corresponding color of that chakra into the chakras center. Continue beaming the color for two minutes. When that is done, shake your hands off and move onto the next chakra. You can begin this process at the crown chakra if you are prone to headaches or dizziness. If not, start at the base of your back or where the pubic area is located. Done once a week, this will help your chakras stay clear and balanced.

Additional Note:
After clearing chakras, the space you are in will need to be cleaned. Shake off your hands one final time and imagine white light coming from them and filling the room. This will cleanse the space of any unwanted energy.

A great introductory book for chakras is:

A Handbook for Chakra Healing - Kalashatra Govinda

For a more in depth book on chakras, I recommend:

Wheels of Life - Anodea Judith

Lourdes has Reiki for each of the chakras on the Rest, Relaxation and Reiki channel on YouTube channel.

For information on various ways to clean them, Lourdes has videos on the Healing Crystals channel on YouTube.

After experiencing Reiki from videos many people have asked if they can send donations. In response to these requests we now have a donation link to Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated and we thank you for thinking of us.

DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
Please consult your healthcare professional for your particular medical needs.