Manifesting is the ability to make an idea in our minds a reality. What gets manifested is up to us.  We can work on visualizing and affirming goals to achieve our desires, but the most important aspect is convincing our mind that we actually can get what we want.

Will it take effort? Yes, it will. Is it easy? Not at the beginning, but it does get easier with time and practice.

An essential aspect in manifesting is the ability to feel what you want. Feel it exist with your heart and soul; as that will be the key to manifesting your “want”. After this aspect comes visualizing yourself achieving this goal, with all of the emotions that will accompany it (i.e.  happiness and joy). Finally, you write down your affirmations in a positive form.

To do this, simply write down what you want in the present tense; as if you were experiencing it now. For example: I am deliriously happy with my new 5 carat, emerald cut amethyst ring set in white gold. Being grateful for your goal (even if you haven’t achieved it) is also an important part in the manifesting formula.

Although the above suggestions are an over simplified method of brining abundance into your lives, they are a start to bringing more positive energy into your energy field. Just changing/bringing in one positive thought, idea, or affirmation into your life can start a chain reaction that will bring you more happiness than ever imagined!

To read more about manifesting and abundance, I highly recommend the following books:

Excuse Me, Your Life is Now, Doreen Banaszak

Law of Attraction, Michael J Losier

Designing Your Own Destiny, Guy Finley

Flowdreaming, Summer McSravick

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Visualization, Shari L. Just, Ph.D. and Carolyn Flynn

The Trick to Having Money is Having Some, Stuart Wilde

The Secret, Rhonda Byrne

To create more abundance in your life, please use the following Reiki videos:

You can also use crystals to help create more prosperity energy. Here are some videos that can help you:

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