Meditation is simply the process of slowing down the mind chatter and letting ourselves become quiet. Although some people are able to take 30 minutes to an hour to meditate, most of us only have time for ten minutes tops. This is fine. A person will benefit from just one minute of slowing down the mind.

When we meditate we focus on our breathing. Doing this helps the mind to become quieter. Although thoughts go floating by, it does not mean that our quiet time was a failure. Letting thoughts float by and not spending too much time on them, means we are learning to let go and will eventually lead us to self discovery.

To begin a simple meditation just simply breathe in for a count of four, hold the breath for a count of two, and then release the breath for a count of four. When beginning meditations, to do this technique for one minute, once a day. Eventually add in another session at night. Do this for one week. For the second week, do the breathwork 3x a day. For the third week do the breathwork for 2 minutes twice a day. By doing this formula slowly, you start acclimating your body and mind to periods of rest.

If you start thinking of other things while breathing, it’s ok. Just let it go and continue where you left off. It is not easy for everyone to shut down the worries of everyday life. By giving yourself permission to relax, you will find it easier to start relaxing and finding a sense of peace that can only be achieved by practice. You can keep increasing the time you meditate for until you have reached 10 minutes and then you can stay at that point till you feel ready to move on. If you would like to meditate more than once a day, feel free to do so. The exercise may bring a sense of calm to your job or a sense of peace at home.

If the above formula is too difficult, it could be that you will do better if someone is guiding you. Guided meditations are wonderful ways to start when it is difficult to stay focused. Women may find it easier to listen to a male voice and men may find female voices more soothing. If possible, you can also record a meditation from a book into a recorder and have your own voice guide you through it.

Listed below are some of my favorite mediation cds. Although one is pure relaxation, even the ones with a specific goal will help you achieve some peace and calmness in your lives.

Psychic Navigator, John Holland (book and cd)

Ten Minutes to Relax, Spirit, Paul Overman

Flowdreaming for the Best of Everything, Summer McStravick (book and cd)

Awakening the Higher Self, Terra Sonora

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DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
Please consult your healthcare professional for your particular medical needs.