We are all gifted psychically. Each of us has the capacity to receive messages from the unseen, but we haven’t been able to develop them. Children are more “gifted” because they are able to perceive the world as it truly is. As they keep growing older and are told that it is “just their imagination” they lose the ability to communicate with the universe around them.

Children will often see auras (auras can be seen by color) and will talk to “imaginary friends” Although these imaginary friends are real, most adults cannot see them and deem them unreal.

Re-awakening these gifts is a process that can happen and allows us to be aware of the unseen. We all have the capability to strengthen the “second sight” we lost in our childhood.

There are five psychic abilities or “gifts” that we all have. One or two may be predominant over another, but they can all be developed. The psychic abilities are:

Clairvoyance – the ability to see what is not physically seen with our two eyes. This is the ability to see auras, get mental pictures in your mind when a phone rings and you know who it is, or seeing future events happen in your dreams.

Clairaudience – the ability to hear messages. This occurs when you hear your name being called and no one is there, when you hear a song and the lyrics are repeated by someone throughout the day, or you hear music as in wind chimes and none are around.

Clairsentience – the ability to feel things. You can feel someone’s emotions even though they haven’t spoken, you have walked into a room and can tell an argument has taken place or you can tell when someone is in pain, but they haven’t mentioned it.

Clairecognizance – the ability to know things, but you don’t know how you know it. With this ability you can tell what has happened or going to happen, but don’t know how, you blurt things out that are true, but you have no prior knowledge about it, or you know things about people that they have never told anyone else.

Clairgustance – the ability to taste what is not there. You can taste chocolate roses in your mouth and that may have been a person’s favorite sweet without you knowing it, you can taste salty foods and not know that a person may have been at sea when they passed, or you could even taste minerals and now know why.

Each of these gifts can be developed by becoming more aware of when you encounter coincidences or “synchronicities”  Synchronicities happen when the universe wants to give us a message and we just did not “get it” the first time : ) The following is an example of synchronicity. One day you could be debating where to go for a vacation. Throughout the following hours/days you could see a brochure with Bermuda on it, meet someone from Bermuda, and hear a song from Bermuda or with the word Bermuda in it. These messages all point towards Bermuda as an answer, repeating the idea of Bermuda until the person receiving the message acknowledges the implication of the hints.

The best way to develop any gift we have is to become aware of the coincidences occurring around us and begin writing them in a small notebook. The more often you record them, the more you become aware of them happening. You may have a question that needs answering throughout the day.  You may pose your question to the universe and ask for signs within a week. As you keep writing down the signs you receive, you may get your answer without even knowing it!

I recommend the following books for developing your intuition and psychic gifts:

Practical Intuition – Angela Martin

How Psychic Are you? – Julie Soskin

Are You Psychic? – Dorothy Chitty

Psychic Navigator – John Holland

Trust Your Vibes – Sonia Choquette

The Wise Child – Sonia Choquette, (for those who have children who are intuitive).

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DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
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