The essence of the readings is best said by the Rolling Stones " You can't always get what you want....You get what you need"

Readings are intended to help a person on their life's journey. Therefore, information received during the session is only for the person receiving the reading. This information can be expressed in words, feelings, or images.

Readings can provide information on the past, present or future. While many impressions and options may come through, some more strongly than others, a person always has the free will to either follow the suggestions or ignore them.

Information about the present or future may not be clear because the events are ongoing and not written in stone. There are still factors at play which are not apparent at this time. By having a clear cut answer, you may prevent yourself from undergoing a learning period that would be essential for your soul's growth.

Rather than asking: " What will happen when....?" A better question would be: " How can I improve my chances of getting [insert your idea] in my life?" Instead of asking " Is he/she the one for me?" Try " How can I bring more romance into my life".

The most important aspect of any reading is receiving validation for what you already know and receiving insight as to what you need to do next to bring more peace into your life's path. The reading will give you ideas, suggestions, and thoughts to help you on this journey. Please feel free to take notes and be open to what the universe communicates to you.