All sessions and classes are done via Distance Reiki. This means that you receive Reiki from the comfort of your home. Lourdes send the energy to reach you at a date and time that are convenient for you.

Readings are sent via email and the email will include Reiki energy. The reading will be sent to everyone within seven days of receiving the payment.

All payments must be made prior to appointment. Although Lourdes reaches out to everyone within 24 hours, there is always the possibility that she didn't receive the Paypal payment notice or that you didn't receive her email. If you do not receive an email from her, please check your spam/junk folders. If there is nothing there, please use this email to contatct her,

When ordering a session/video for another person, recipients must be open to receiving the Reiki energy. Lourdes will not send Reiki to anyone who does not wish to receive it.


Do you feel "off" or don't know what ails you? You may want to try a Distance Reiki session. It acts as an energetic "pick-me-up" and may cause you to feel lighter, more at peace, and in balance. This session allows Lourdes to channel Reiki to where you need it most. One of the best benefits is that this session (like all the sessions) is done while you are in the comfort of your own home! Distance Reiki can be sent to a specified time, place, and/or person (as long as you have their permission), so you can customize the experience to fit in your morning routine or end the evening on a peaceful note.  As with all the sessions, notes will be sent on what Lourdes picked up from your energy fields. 


“I am very sensitive to energy so I could feel when you started and ended the session. I love it!!
My hands and arms get so warm and relaxed. Then my whole body felt relaxed and would
get slight twitches in random lower back... My eyes were closed
and I saw cloud-like movements of colors. Gorgeous!!”
- J. D.

$55.00 per 20 - 30 minutes. Date and time to be determined in advance.


There are times when you may feel tired or experience sudden emotional shifts — this can be due to your energy being siphoned by other people/unwanted energies or inherited energies. When this happens, an energy clearing can not only remove them, but help restore balance. This session uses a variety of energy tools to clear your aura, chakras, meridians and nadis of hooks and cords. Negative energies like poltergeists and other unwanted energies wil alsol be cleared. After the clearing, Reiki is sent to raise your vibrations, balance your frequencies, and restore a sense of well-being. A clearing should be done periodically (every 3 to 4 months) to keep you at your optimum vibrational frequencies. As with all the sessions, notes will be sent on what Lourdes picked up from your energy fields.

Please set aside 45-60 minutes for this session.

Session - $70.00


Throughout our lifetimes we may experience fears, behaviors, or memories from past lives that are negatively impacting our current lifetime. This Past Life Session focuses on clearing the past lives that may be influencing us the most. During the session we will find out how many lives are affecting you and which issues are the most challenging to overcome. Reiki will be sent to clear those negative vibrations and send healing energy to your soul at that time and place. The session notes include any past life information picked up.

Please set aside 30-40 minutes for this session.

Session - $60.00


Many of us experience pain, suffering, abuse, or even illnesses which affect our inner beings. Each time we go through a traumatic experience we may lose parts of ourselves. The Reiki in this Soul Retrieval Session brings back all the soul parts found and makes them whole again. The session notes include how many soul parts were found and how many lifetimes ago they may have started separating along with anything else Lourdes may have picked up.

Please set aside 30-40 minutes for this session.

Session - $60.00


The Reiki Love Session opens you up to the energy of love. This love can be from the universe, partners, family, friends, or pets. In other words, it helps you attract all types of love — romantic, platonic, familial, self, etc. — into your life. It does not guarantee that someone will fall in love with you or that you will meet your soul mate, however it does mean that your energy fields will be receptive to the vibrations of love. As with all the sessions, notes will be sent on what Lourdes picked up from your energy fields. To understand more about the energies of love, please check out this link on Donna Eden’s site.

Please set aside 30-40 minutes for this session.

Session - $60.00


This Prosperity session combines Reiki with other healing modalities to release unwanted vibrations that are keeping you from positive abundance. Loudes releases blockages and raises your vibrations to assist you in attracting prosperity.There are 2 special processes done with this session, not found in her other work. After the session, an extensive, list of tips, suggestions (comound energy), and references will be sent so that you can continue to work on keeping the prosperity energy flowing.

Please set aside 30 – 40 minutes for this session.

Prosperity Energy Session - $70.00


The aura is the protective energy field around our body and the chakras are our energy center. How they look and feel affects your energy, your perception of the world, and how you are perceived by the world. In this session, Lourdes takes a look at the aura and lets you know how it comes across energetically. This could be as an element, color, shape or even how it appears structurally. She also views the chakras and describes to you what colors are in them, their topography, and the emotions or people she sees in them. As the aura and chakras are being observed, Reiki is sent to bring them into balance and increase their flow of energy.

Please set aside 40 -45 minutes for this session.

Session - $70.00


When you’re feeling down or need energetic help to get through a challenge Reiki is a wonderful complimentary healing modality. However in this day and age you may not have the time to always schedule a session. Busy schedules and chronic challenges mean you may need Reiki on the go. For this reason Lourdes has developed Personalized Reiki Videos!

In these 20 minute videos she will send Reiki to a specific intention (one goal per video) just for you; you alone would have the link to this private YouTube video, and because it’s on YouTube you can play the video anywhere/time you have internet access! Videos also adapt to your personalized goal as you move forward in life!

$30.00 per 10 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.

$60.00 per 20 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.

$90.00 per 30 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.

Personalized Videos


A sponsored video is a video that someone buys (10, 20 or 30 minutes) and that is made public for all to benefit from. The intention can be for anything that Reiki can help (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual that) The benefactors name is kept private, but the video is free for all to use. There are three different prices for these. The 10-minute video is $30.00 and the 20-minute video is $60.00. The 30 minute video is $90.00.
They are made public on YouTube for all to see.

$30.00 per 10 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.

$60.00 per 20 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.

$90.00 per 30 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.

Sponsored Reiki Videos

Personalized Videos
$60.00 per 20 minute video. Please allow 1 week for processing of video.


Have you ever wanted to connect with one or more the following Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and/or Uriel? An Angel Reiki Session can help you with this goal! Angel Reiki combines the powerful, spiritual energy of an archangel with the soothing energy of Reiki for a transformational experience. As this is high vibrational energy, please be sure to ground yourself after a session (eat protein, walk in nature, meditate with grounding stones, etc.). Session notes will include any information the angels wish to share with you. 

Please set aside 45 minutes for this session. 

Session - $70.00


The pineal gland is one of the key energetic points for psychic ability. This small pine cone shaped gland in the center of the brain is often calcified which blocks our ability to “receive” or sense information. This session sends energy to raise the pineal gland's vibrations to the highest possible frequency. This may increase the amount of  psychic information you receive, however you receive it: dreams, visions, signs in nature, recognizing signs from your environment, etc. Besides increasing psychic ability, many find this gland also assists with developing spirituality and working towards Ascension.
The energy from it will have the intention to keep getting stronger with each passing day.

Please set aside 45 many minutes for this session. Schedule time to ground yourself (eat protein, walk in nature, meditate with grounding stones, etc.) afterwards as this is a high vibration session. 

Session - $70.00


This session is for anyone who wishes to develop their psychic abilities. You will receive a clearing of energetic blockages and a strengthening of the clair that you choose. Everyone has psychic abilities, but everyone manifests these abilities in different ways. There are five “clairs”, or psychic senses, that are used to pick up information: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairgustance. Although this energy will release blockages and strengthen the chosen clair, it may not accelerate your ability quickly if your affinity lies in another clair. This session involves symbols that Lourdes has personally received for each clair. During the session each symbol is placed in the energy center related to that clair.

Please set aside 30 - 40 minutes for this attunement.

Clairvoyance - $60.00
Clairsentinece - $60.00
Clairaudience - $60.00
Claircognizance - $60.00
Clairgustance – $60.00
Clairalience - $60.00



"All attunements been special for me, and always the next one feels more powerful. I always feel excitement before an attunement and curios of how will be. 

During the attunement I’m usually aware where the energy is flowing, it can feel like a nice energy massage and it will make you more aware of where are you’re blockages. 

My special attunement it was my last one of course :), the clairvoyance attunement. The energy felt very strong   during the attunement, especially in my third eye and root chakra. That’s not a small think but for now I find more important how you feel after the attunement. And I do feel great. All the pressure in my head it’s gone, the pressure in my ears it’s gone. I feel clear minded and a sense of ease. 

We may know it mentally but after reiki attunement you will know it with all your being that we are more than flesh and blood, we are energy :). 
I’m grateful for my teacher for being always there, pacient and kind." 
- C.M.


Reiki can be sent many different ways including videos (see description above) and now photos! Reiki Infused Photos can be filled with one intention that can be used for your goals. These photos can be downloaded, used as screensavers, or printed out. When printed out, crystal grids can also be placed on them to amplify the energy. Use these photos with other complementary tools (compound energy) and physical action for optimum results.

You can choose the photo to be infused with Reiki or allow Lourdes to handpick one for you. After purchase, receipt of intention, and receipt of photo (if applicable) please allow 4 days for photo to be charged and sent.

Photos will be sent via email.

Reiki Photo Options


As anyone who has worked with crystals knows, crystal grids are a wonderful energetic tool to help you reach your goals. Grids direct the energy of crystals (which have their own properties) towards your goal. Combine the energy of crystals that are aligned with your goal with Reiki and your intention, and you have a powerful tool! It will complement the physical actions you take to help you reach your goals more quickly.

Lourdes takes the guess work out of crystal grid making by doing the work for you! She will intuitively choose the template and crystals that will best support your goal. All you have to do is pick an intention. Please allow for a week after determining your intention for the Reiki infused grid photo to be made, infused with Reiki, photographed, and the resulting photo sent to you. This image can be used on phones, tablets, computers, or printed out. The energy will remain in the photograph and can be copied or printed out as many times as needed.

Cost of Reiki infused crystal grid photo is $40.00


This is a new form of energy channeled by Lourdes in response to the turmoil many healers and sensitives are facing in this world. The Glalactic Energy brings a sense of lightness and being one with the universe. It focuses on the higher chakras to help you recognize your power. Since this energy is very strong and centered in the higher chakras, please ground yourself afterwards (walk in nature, grounding stones, etc.). Also eat protein and drink lots of water.

Please set aside 30-40 minutes for this session.

Session - $60.00


This Crystal Infusion Session infuses your chakras, aura, and meridians with the energy of one specific crystal/mineral. Those who are very sensitive to energy may be able to feel the crystal/mineral in their energy systems. This infusion will allow you to invoke the properties of the specific crystal more easily and completely. It may also allow you to pick up the energies of that crystal/mineral more readily when meditating or looking for one to add to your crystal/mineral collection. As with all the sessions, notes will be sent on what Lourdes picked up from your energy fields.

Please set aside 30 - 40 minutes for this session.

Session - $65.00


Distance Reiki for Pets/Animals is Reiki that is sent to a specific pet/animal. This is an energy session that allow the universe to send the energy to where it feels your pet/animal may need it most. As with all the sessions, notes will be sent on what Lourdes picked up from the animal's energy fields.

$27.50 per 15 minutes. Date and time to be determined in advance.

*Many clients express how one session with Lourdes has helped change their lives. For some this is all that is needed.  As with any energy healing modality the process is different for everyone. Since challenges can span more than one lifetime, it may take several sessions to bring about positive changes. An analogy for this process is stripping paint off of a piece of furniture. Depending on how many layers of paint are on the piece, it may take one session or several sessions stripping it to remove all the layers of paint. 

After experiencing Reiki from videos many people have asked if they can send donations. In response to these requests we now have a donation link to Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated and we thank you for thinking of us.

DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
Please consult your healthcare professional for your particular medical needs.