Balancing Hormones

"I had my ovaries removed in 2013 before I left the hospital the nurse said that my doctor would give me HRT and when I spoke to my doctor his reply was the hospital should have given you HRT......  3 months ago, after insisting on speaking to a female doctor I was given HRT. They just made me suicidal and thrombosis so I stopped them and had constant night sweats etc. so when I saw your one for balancing hormones I was so pleased. Not one word of a lie I could feel the cooling down in seconds and so try to use it every day until I can get a doctor to listen to me. So again, a massive hug of gratitude to you for sharing your gifts." M.C.


"I am honestly lost for words to describe how much you and your work has helped and is continuing to.
Sending a massive hug of gratitude and when I finally get this bad hernia mesh removed and get a job shall send cash too.
Again, I love your videos, the beautiful flowers are just wonderful and the cold chills I get when listening are spookiest but magnificent."

Clarity and Focus:

"Thank you for this video. As I played it, I felt my mind getting clearer and clearer. It was amazing to experience my thinking all coming together like that. I plan on listening to it more. I appreciate you making this so accessible."
Debbie R. 

Inner Child:

"Also, I want to say, I am loving the inner child reike video.  I am having some wonderful shifts with this one!  I am so grateful you are creating these for everyone!  What a great and creative way to help many people on a broader scope!"
Mei K. 

"This is just so lovely and wonderful - thank you so much for sharing it with us."
Lisa R.

Abundance Video:

Hi Lourdes, I keep forgetting to tell you how great the videos are. I love the abundance one and each time I watch I begin to write down all the words that mean abundance to me. With love I am sending you some of what is on my list: Abundance of: love, hope, warmth, caring, energy, strength, health, giving back, peace, memories, strong breath, clarity, focus, sharp mind, respect, positive thoughts."  
Audrey W. 


"Thank you soo much.  I just did it and felt the energy!! :-) "
Monica R. 

"I LOVE your reiki channel. I just did a massive self cleaning while receiving your positive energy. Thank you."
Giovanna A. 

"Thanks for these Lourdes. I have been keeping the videos running often during the day while I work and I do find they help with clarity, calmness and more relaxation while i'm on the computer or working on a project."
Paula O.

"I am so grateful for these videos and the ability as a non-practitioner to now incorporate Reiki into my everyday life. When I'm on the computer working or brainstorming or just catching up on emails, I choose one that fits where 'I am' at the given time and let it replay! It's amazing to have this kind of regular support. Thank you!"
Liz L. 

Hi - I love your videos.....for me the most positive thing is having the experience at work. I can add them to my program and go about my day.  Alot of gunk is being released and that's been an amazing experience for me."
Maria S.

After experiencing Reiki from videos many people have asked if they can send donations. In response to these requests we now have a donation link to Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated and we thank you for thinking of us.

DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
Please consult your healthcare professional for your particular medical needs.