I’ve always been interested in the metaphysical and our 6th sense. As a child I was very intuitive (I could guess birth dates of younger cousins before they were born) and clairvoyant (I could see spirits). Although these are traits not particularly wanted in a parochial school student, I was still able to keep them alive through my teenage years as long as I kept quiet about my experiences. During my teenage years I explored the metaphysical, world religions, and started trying my hand at yoga and meditating. By the time I finished college, I found my intuitive abilities had expanded. This was quite helpful when choosing whom to go out with or avoid (and it simplified my dating quite a bit).


Over the years, my intuitive abilities continued to develop. When I first met my husband to be, I immediately knew he was the one. Luckily so did he. : ) As my children grew older, I tried to find holistic ways to heal them when they were ill. I would often feel my hands heat up whenever I went near them. This would continue to happen over the years, although it would be some time later before I explored this ability.

Applied to real life: 

Through the years, I found I had a knack for interpreting dreams; which has come in quite handy many times in my life and the life of friends. My interest in yoga and meditating led me to Reiki and different forms of Energy Healing. My skills have come in handy with mundane skills. For example, finding addresses for garage sales without prior knowledge of them or knowing garage sales had the items that I looked for, even though they were never listed.

Developing intuition:

During my Reiki 1 class I was able to describe aspects of the people I was working on, even though they were complete strangers. I found I had developed my clairsentience by knowing where my clients needed help, because I could feel their pain for a moment or two. I was also starting to see colors whenever healing guides were present, which also aided in sending energy to specific chakras. My latest abilities to develop have been the ability to see past lives and to channel the energy of loved ones who have passed on.

Present Day:

As time progresses my spiritual gifts continue to grow.  Now, whenever I work on clients I use all four of my ‘clairs’: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairecognizance and clairaudience. I am also channeling spiritual loved ones who have passed and need to give their families a message. 

The future holds much promise for all of us and I hope to continue helping others achieve the possibilities that the universe holds for them.


Intuitive Reiki Master Level
Usui Reiki Master Level
Kundalini Reiki Master
Shambhalla Reiki Master
Karuna Ki Reiki
Gold Reiki
Sacred Flames Reiki
Karuna Ki Reiki
Lightarian Reiki™ Levels 1, 2,3,4,5, and 6
Lightarian Rays™ Clearing, Healing, Source, Manifestation and Activation Rays
Seraphim Rose Angelinks™
Archangel Michael AngelLinks™
Archangel Uriel AngelLinks™
Archangel Gabriel AngelLinks™
Archangel Uriel AngelLinks™
Tacyon Attunements


Chakra Healing
Crystal Healing
Energy Medicine
Angel Healing


Member of the International Healers Association
Ordained Interfaith Minister

After experiencing Reiki from videos many people have asked if they can send donations. In response to these requests we now have a donation link to Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated and we thank you for thinking of us.

DISCLAIMER – Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as apreplacement for medical treatment.
Please consult your healthcare professional for your particular medical needs.